New 2022 VW Golf 1.0 eTSI Redesign, Specs, Review

New 2022 VW Golf 1.0 eTSI Redesign, Specs, Review – The 8th-generation Volkswagen Golf seems to have not had a great time within the first few months of the market. The compact model has seen its demand decrease substantially compared to other models and, despite being the most popular model in Europe however, its distance from other automobiles is no longer very impressive. The thing that could be seen as an issue that could be a negative Volkswagen could be a positive for Volkswagen. Most of those who were interested in the Golf who visited an auto dealer ended up buying the T-Cross, TRoc, or Tiguan with the option of a crossover being the most popular today.

2022 VW Golf 1.0 eTSI
2022 VW Golf 1.0 eTSI

With the e-Golf, at the very least, those who were who are interested in electric vehicles also got the compact elegant design, with nothing suggestive of a “special” vehicle being carried. With the introduction of ID.3 and ID.4, the Golf has become Volkswagen itself who has removed the Golf from the limelight. Of course, the compact has indeed been viewed by a portion of the populace negatively because of its unique style that doesn’t look right, particularly in the front. I’ve had the privilege to drive the Volkswagen Golf 1.0 110 CV eTSI for a few days and must admit it’s an excellent well-balanced car.

2022 VW Golf 1.0 eTSI Redesign


Many feel that the 8th version of Volkswagen Golf has lost in the aesthetics, and has an uninspiring appearance. Although the more sophisticated and costly designs like GTE and GTE and GTI are more meticulous and stunning the more common models sport a more somber print. The unit tested is connected with the termination level Life, which includes wheels 17 alloys with optional inches of solid white as well as tinted glass. Its absence of more distinctive light characteristics is a blunder that needs to be rectified immediately in this age of technology where”appearance” has a lot of weight “appearance” has a great significance, especially for younger people. Halogen blinkers don’t help either. By experimenting with its options, you can get an appearance that is more glam however in no way can it let go of the excessive sobriety that is part of its design certain designs that have made it a remarkably classic car that ages very well. It is a good aspect to compare against safer vehicles, however, that has expiration dates.


Although its exterior design can be described as simple and boring, however, inside it isn’t groundbreaking neither. It is equipped with a full set of features and colorful screens for the multimedia and instrumentation system, which play all the major functions, but the most valuable elements such as the separate control of the air conditioner are gone. Like similar fashion to the SEAT Leon, and Skoda Octavia, the Volkswagen Golf includes the majority of air conditioning functions built within the multi-media system, which requires various steps to be followed. Certain physical controls, like more, they’re intuitive and don’t require you to turn your attention away from the road.

This trim is customizable digitally but has numerous limitations. It is not able to see the entire map, which can only be used for most comprehensive finishing, or if the list of elements that can be added is utilized. In any event, the map it is carrying is sufficient. The multimedia system that comes with the model I tested comes with 10 inches of screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, several USB-C sockets, as well as voice control. I haven’t had any issues with the device and it always functions well. It appears that some of the early models did not work properly and were “hanging” but it is something that Volkswagen claims have been solved. Yes, I noticed it was to be a bit slow in its response time, particularly with wireless functions.

2022 VW Golf 1.0 eTSI Interior
2022 VW Golf 1.0 eTSI Interior

In addition to the controls for air conditioning built into the screen, which isn’t enough to impress me, it is appreciated that it comes with an independent regulator for people in the back row, who may even enjoy the use of the air vents. It’s not common in the C segment to use air conditioning systems that feature three zones. The plastics’ quality appears to be in a decent way in the C segment, however, I don’t think that there’s any major advantage over the plastics found in the SEAT Leon or Skoda Octavia which you would enjoy in earlier generations. The Golf is not distinctive enough and could be harmed due to the abrasive usage of shiny black, which can be scratched easily and dirty.

Inside, Volkswagen Golf is in the middle of the market in terms of room and comfort. Like most competitors, 4 passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey, and a fifth passenger will encounter a narrow, difficult, and uncomfortable back center seat. On the first seat, you will find good heights across all directions. The headroom is generous (at least without the sunroof sliding feature) and the space of the seats is sufficient. I love that there’s an adjustable armrest, as well as a sleek lower console. In the rear seat, The two seats on the side are comfortable to access is excellent due to the large open doors. they have air vents as well as climate controls, as well as a central armrest that has 2 can holders. There are as well USB outlets for charging electronic devices. The trunk’s capacity is an amount of 380 liters which is considered to be accurate. It is not as impressive when against other vehicles in this class, however, it’s not the most expensive. If you wish the rear tray could be taken off and the rearrests can be folded down to create a storage volume of 1 237 liters. Also, it is possible to play around with the lower part of the boot by using two different heights.


The current line-up for Volkswagen Golf is currently available. Volkswagen Golf consists of the trim levels “Golf”, “Life”, “R-Line”, “eHybrid”, “GTE”, “GTI”, “GTI Clubsport” and “R”. In all instances the amount of money available is vast and it is a great benefit for that are interested but don’t have an excessively large budget. The Life tested finish comes as standard EcoLED headlights as well as adaptive cruise control, pre-collision warning, automated city brakes alert and lane assist rain sensor, mirrors with photosensitive interiors and hill start assist SmartBeam and road-detector objects that are in the blind spot in reverse maneuvers, XDS system, etc.

The Tri-Zone climate control and button-start multimedia system include a touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, USB four mirrors and power windows, and 16-inch alloy wheels. the rear and front parking sensors as well as entry without keys, DAB radio, etc. The cost of the base Volkswagen Golf 1.0 eTSI 110 CV Life DSG at the date of the writing is EUR 30,458, after which must be included the paint in white as well as the Life pack as well as the Discover Media navigation system. The total cost is now EUR 31,895, even though the minimum promotional offer (valid from July 2021) is set at EUR 29,850. It’s not necessary to study the market in-depth to find out that this Volkswagen Golf eTSI 110 CV Life is quite expensive. The SEAT Leon 1.0 ETSI Style Go DSG costs EUR 23,220 while the Toyota Corolla offers, for instance, an ordinary hybrid, starts at EUR 20,590, including all promotions (Spanish is also available for prices that are more flexible, which is why we recommend looking around at the various dealerships).


The mechanical selection that comes with the Volkswagen Golf has always been vast and the current lineup will not disappoint. In the gasoline version, 1.0 TTSI with 90 CV (not available in Spain), 1.0 TSI with 110 CV, 1.5 TSI with 130 CV and there is the 2.0 TTSI that has 190 CV are all available and have been unavailable on our shores. The options for sports are available, including a 2.0 TSI with 245, 300, and 320 horsepower.

If you’re searching to purchase the ECO label you can pick the 1.0 ETSI of 110 CV, or it is also possible to select the 1.5 ETSI that is 130 CV and 150 CV. In these instances, the box will always be DSG and includes some hybridization. Hybrid and GTE are identified as ZERO and 204/245 CV, respectively. In some countries, there’s the variant 1.5 TGI 130 CV adapted methane, which is currently not available in this country. In the final analysis, we need to discuss the well-known diesel engines that use TDI technology, which is becoming less relevant. The available models are those with 2.0 TDI with 122 and 150 horsepower, and even outside the borders of our country. There is an option with 200 horsepower. They are very affordable, but considering their cost and testing the 1.0 ETSI at 110 HP several numbers would need to be tested to see whether they are compensated. The 1.0 110 hp eTSI block may appear like a tiny factor to be able to make the 8th generation Volkswagen Golf, but it isn’t. As you drive, you will observe the additional assistance from the hybrid system and the excellent performance of the DSG box that always searches for the most efficient ratio to get the most value from the engine block and not harm consumers.

2022 VW Golf 1.0 eTSI Review

The price is just one of the factors that would justify buying this version. I’ve taken several long and medium-distance trips in legal costs using the climate control that is automatic with three adults on board and, in all instances, it cost me an average of more than 5.5 L/100. When you have the ECO mode on motorway trips are extremely affordable. The performance of the Golf that has 110 horsepower under the engine is sufficient for the majority of drivers and more impressive is the view with roads that are filled with radars. Invincible, it continues to keep the legal rhythms, even when climbing for long periods and when it becomes required to accelerate, it reacts with enough resiliency. For instance, the journey between 80 and 120 km/h in D took just 7.4 seconds this is an impressive figure for a car of this power. There are automobiles with greater capacity and displacement that are slower, and here the tiny thrust of an electric motor is seen as a huge help low revs. In truth, I was hoping that the lighter hybridization system was merely the latest solution to gain tax advantages in the majority of European markets, displaying an innovative hybrid technology, without being able to benefit from the more complicated options. In this instance, it is evident that the tuning aspect is crucial and they’ve managed to achieve good performance with very low energy consumption. The primary issue is whether it’s advised to move into 1.5 CV or 1.5 ETSI block of 130 CV, which comes with an additional expense of EUR 870. If the budget isn’t adequate, I would say it is worth the more reservation, however, I am not convinced that a consumption rate as low as in the block of one liter can be accomplished.

2022 VW Golf 1.0 eTSI Specs
2022 VW Golf 1.0 eTSI Specs

A thing that doesn’t allow criticism is the manner of driving that is the Volkswagen Golf. In this instance, the Life version that comes with the comfort suspension can be very comfortable and not impede its performance which I consider to be appropriate given the serene nature of the vehicle, along with proper control of the swings. If you are looking for the most lively and enjoyable ride, they’ll need to go into the R-Line finish and then, obviously, to motorization that has a bit more personality. It doesn’t make sense to outfit with a 1.0 ETSI engine with 110 horsepower with the R-Line pack, and large wheels, which will hurt performance and fuel consumption. For long drives, I was impressed by it on long trips. Golf Life for the general convenience, the quiet engine operation, and was pleasantly surprised by the numerous occasions when the set can be employed to operate “under sail” and even without an engine turned off. When you are in the city The Golf isn’t heavy nor big. It is well-controlled in the driving seat and its square-shaped shapes allow to reduce size quickly. For those who need to there is a need, it comes with a sensor for rear and front-facing parking in the standard as well as the auto assistant, along with the camera that is always handy when it is equipped.

I was impressed by the brightness of the basic LED headlights but I have to admit that visually, the basic daytime running lights appear subtle. The automatic short/long changeover mechanism is not faulty, but it sometimes runs a bit slower than it ought to be. I was impressed by this adaptive cruise system to ensure its correct function. In general, it is the case that in general, the Volkswagen Golf is still an excellent choice for those who don’t wish to go into the trend of crossovers. Model 1.0 the eTSI 110 CV Life offers a better experience than you would imagine and is priced at a low. Before you slam it with a hammer, I suggest you test it out.