New 2022 Volkswagen ID.3 Release Date, Price, Review, Specs

New 2022 Volkswagen ID.3 Release Date, Price, Review, Specs – Volkswagen already makes electric cars, including battery-powered versions for its Golf and higher models. There are many electric cars in Europe, but none of them looks anything like the 2022 Volkswagen ID.

2022 VW ID.3 Redesign

2022 Volkswagen ID.3 Release Date & Price

The 2022 Volkswagen ID.3 is the first production car built on the German carmaker’s dedicated electric architecture (MEB). It is a battery-electric car that doesn’t have the compromises of a combustion car. It’s not the ID.3, as Volkswagen’s new ID subbrand will likely be launched alongside and dominated the ID.4 SUV once it arrives in Australia. This is expected to happen no later than late 2022 or early 2023.

A range of other Volkswagen electric vehicles will also be available, including a reborn Kombi and a large passenger car. Fords, that’s right! The American company has made a deal to use the VW MEB platform to create a variety of European EVs. Volkswagen will spend around EUR8 billion to produce this EV family. Ralf Brandstatter, the new CEO of Volkswagen, insists that it will sell three million EVs a year by 2025.

This is a moot point as the Australian subsidiary of the German brand won’t set up local prices for 2022 Volkswagen ID.3 until closer to the release date. So we’ll stick with European numbers. The Volkswagen ID.3 Pro starts things off at EUR35,574 (A58,675), and then the more expensive ID.3 Pro S is at EUR40,936 (A67,515). These things are very important in Germany. The purchase price receives a subsidy of EUR9480 (A15,640) mostly from the German government. However, Volkswagen pays EUR3480 ($A5740).

New Volkswagen ID.3 2022 Specs


The Pro’s 58kWh lithium battery provides a 426km range in the WLTP test. The Pro S’s 77kWh battery projects 549km. The interior is a refreshing take on Volkswagen’s standard fare but without making customers feel alienated. The digital instrument cluster is small at 5.3 inches and easy to navigate via the touchpads on your steering wheel. A 10-inch multimedia screen in the central part of the dash handles the rest of the cabin functions. A new “Hello ID” voice activation system is also available that duplicates all touch-screen functions and more. It can even tell jokes (German jokes are not recommended). It will even roll back the screen on its 130x111cm glass roof if asked. If you tell it that you are cold, it will adjust the climate control. Volkswagen has tried to conceal 12-way electric seats at the front, as well as a flat-floored floor.

2022 VW ID.3 Release Date

The 2022 Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S have identical battery capacities. They both use the same permanent excited synchronous 150kW/310Nm motors that are mounted on the rear axle. The ID.3 is Volkswagen’s latest-generation people’s car that has rear-wheel drive just like the Beetle. The motor transmits its drive through a single-speed transmission. This is why the top speed is restricted to 160 km/h. Because of the difference in battery capacity, the Pro can reach 100 km/h in just 7.3 seconds while the Pro Stakes 7.9sec. Volkswagen claims that the Pro S consumes 15.4kWh of energy per 100km. It weighs in at 1720kg. However, 495kg is the battery pack with 24 pouch cells in each section. The Pro S and Pro S have 12 pouch cells, while the Pro S has 9. The motor, gearbox, and power electronics weigh together less than 90kg.

The ID.3 Pro’s 58 kWh battery can be charged using either an 11kW AC or a DC fast charging setup. This will allow you to travel 300km in under 30 minutes. A 125kW charging option is also available. The show also runs on two high-performance computers. One sectored to manage the infotainment system and the other to handle power electronics, suspension damping, and updates over the air, respectively. The 2022 Volkswagen ID.3 has a five-link rear suspension with a MacPherson front-end and 330mm front brake disks.

2022 VW ID.3 Specs


It’s a car that fits in a small space. The Volkswagen ID.3 measures 4261mm in length and is 23mm shorter than the Golf Mk8, which will arrive here soon. It measures 1809mm in width and 1552mm in height. The Volkswagen ID.3’s 2765mm wheelbase is a remarkable 129mm longer than the Golf. This effectively transforms a Golf small car competitor to an interior Passat medium-large car rival. It has 385 litres of luggage storage, which is 35 litres more than that of the Golf. Officially, the tyres are 18-inch low friction units. However, our Protest car was fitted with 215/45 20 Continental Eco Contact rubber. They didn’t appear to be too harsh.