2024 Volvo Embla EV : Everything We Know About the New Flagship SUV

2024 Volvo Embla EV – Its 2022 Volvo XC90 is now well into it’s second generation and has been in production since We expect that to see some significant changes in its upcoming third generation EV redesign, which is expected to be launched in the near future. (At least, it will be sooner than the 13 years that which it needed Volvo to redesign its original XC90.) The big SUV has always been Volvo’s top-of-the-line model however, the company is aiming to make it the ultimate flagship model, featuring a more model that resembles a wagon, and a “real” name inspired by Norse mythology.

2024 Volvo Embla EV
2024 Volvo Embla EV

2024 Volvo Embla EV Review

Volvo President Hakan Samuelsson previously confirmed to MotorTrend that the latest flagship vehicle “will have a name, more like a child,” and the brand hopes to draw attention to the brand’s Swedish and Norse mythology roots. The reported brand new “Embla” name comes from trademark documents submitted by Volvo. In the mythology of the region, Embla is the companion of Askr in a similar tale as that of Biblical Adam as well as Eve.

The SUV could be the very first of new Volvos that are inspired by its innovative design concept, which was first revealed in the Volvo Recharge Concept seen above and it’s likely that Volvo has decided to adopt its Embla name to represent the car which will eventually be the foundation of the next Volvo line-up and the brand. It’s unclear if Volvo will name its next car following “Askr,” we’ll just be waiting to check back to.


The design of the new Volvo Embla will closely resemble what the Concept Recharge the automaker debuted in 2021 which translates the long, sleek lines of the wagon body that the brand is famous for into a bigger size SUV that’s similar to the present XC90 SUV. The new design extends the wheels out into the sides and the sides of the car, creating space for a battery with a long-range pack, which is likely to provide power to all four wheels via electric motors that are mounted on axles.

2024 Volvo Embla EV Specs
2024 Volvo Embla EV Specs

The hump that is above the windshield is home to an lidar sensor that is used to monitor the advanced driver and safety systems and a 360-degree sensor array that is scattered across the exterior. Volvo promises that its next vehicles similar to the Embla which is currently in production, will have the latest technology, named “Ride,” that will provide a degree of hands-free self-driving capability in the near future like the GM Super Cruise system.

Minimalist “Chic” Interior

The safety features make it throughout the interior of the new Embla equipped with cameras for monitoring the driver and capacitive touch sensors inside the steering wheel to ensure that the driver is aware of the road. The car’s infotainment system will run on the Android operating system. This is possibly like the Polestar’s Android automotive operating system, which is available in Polestar 2 EV. Polestar 2 EV. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity are anticipated, but Polestar has been having problems with making CarPlay accessible in its current models with delays. We’ll hope that those problems are resolved to make the new Volvo system work.

In order to match the brand’s new brand, Volvo will equip the Embla’s interior with sustainable and natural materials, with an method that is described to be “minimalist Scandinavian chic.” The Recharge Concept, a 15-inch touchscreen is positioned across the dashboard, and includes an instrument cluster that can be customized as well as a head-up-display directly in front of the driver. The newly designed EV platform opens your cabin space to more passengers storage space and luggage than previous Volvo models and we anticipate it to feel more spacious with a huge glass roof option or. With the new platform and lineup placement of the forthcoming Embla We anticipate that Volvo will eventually be able to offer an option for a third row of seating, even though the Recharge Concept didn’t include an option for a third row. The concept did show pedestal front seats , which could increase leg room in the rear and also bags for front passengers. These features might be featured in the final car.

A New Flagship

From the outside We’ve already sketched out what we believe the next Embla will appear like. We expect a production version from that Volvo Recharge Concept, sporting the iconic Thor’s Hammer headlight design over a smooth fascia and slim, long taillights that frame the rear gate with a look that is reminiscent of the traditional Volvo wagon designs. It’s not clear what Volvo will be doing in the future with its lineup it is certain that they will switch to real names rather than the traditional alphanumeric system. We believe that the Embla will be a replacement for the existing XC90 and will also be upgraded to be more lavish than the previous model, while boasting records in performance for the brand due to its brand new electric architecture.

2024 Volvo Embla EV Interior
2024 Volvo Embla EV Interior

2024 Volvo Embla EV Revealed

We’re expecting the majority the Volvo’s forthcoming EV production to be coming from Ridgeville, South Carolina, the location where it is likely to be manufactured, in addition. Volvo has previously stated that we could have a model that was that was based upon the Recharge concept before the close of 2022 and more information about the new Embla are expected to be released very shortly.