2023 Kia Borrego is Launched

2023 Kia Borrego  – Autocar reports that the Peugeot e-308, an all-electric version its new C-segment offering will be available sometime in 2023. Production is expected to start in July next year. However, there are many things that could happen between now and then. More information is available in the publication, including details about the powertrain and how it will differ from the e208 currently offered by the automaker.

2223 Kia Borrego
2223 Kia Borrego

2023 Kia Borrego Changes


The e-308 will have a 54-kilowatt hour battery. This is 4 kWh more than the e208’s battery and 50-kWh of usable power. The improved battery technology will enable the model to provide a range of nearly 250 miles (400 km) which is reminiscent of Europe’s WLTP cycle. Autocar reports that the EV will have 154 horsepower (114 kilowatts), and 199-pound feet (269 Newton-meters), which will be routed to the front wheels.

Both the SW wagon and 308 hatch versions will receive the all-electric powertrain. Peugeot will hide the rest of the powertrain hardware under the hood and place the batteries underneath the floor and seats. The 308 plug-in hybrid’s rear cargo space should be equal to that of the Peugeot 308 plug-in hybrid. Customers should expect the same tech-packed cabin as the model. This should also include 100-kilowatt fast charging.


E-308 deliveries will start after production begins next July. Peugeot will also release pricing information closer to the date of on-sale. It will be interesting for the public to compare it to both the internal combustion and plug-in hybrid variants. Agnes TessonFaget, Peugeot’s 308 brand manager, stated to the publication that the company expects the e-308 will account for at most 20% of the model’s sales once it reaches dealers. Although the 308 plug-in hybrid accounts for more than 20% of all 308 sales, we will need to wait longer than a year before this becomes a reality.

Although it may not appear like it, the Mohave is actually one of the oldest Kia models currently on sale. The Mohave’s roots can be traced back to 2008 when it was launched in South Korea with a Borrego equivalent for North America. It was not a popular SUV, so it was removed from the US a few years later. However, the SUV’s mid-size size survived in other markets, including the domestic one.

Interior & Exterior

In 2016, a subtle facelift was introduced before Kia updated the interior and exterior design 2019. This was in response to the Masterpiece concept. The rugged SUV will be getting some updates at home, where it will make the switch to the new corporate logo. This is January 2022. We are bringing this up because the Mohave used a unique badge that was shared with the Opirus full-size sedan, which was phased out a decade back. A similar thing happened to the 2022 Stinger, which had its own badge in Korea prior to the recent update.

2223 Kia Borrego Interior
2223 Kia Borrego Interior

The Mohave is slightly smaller than the Telluride but larger than the Sorento. It rides on a body on a frame platform and is Kia’s most tough SUV. Engineers have made improvements to the suspension and chassis to make the vehicle more comfortable by reducing vibrations inside.


The Mohave’s double-glazed windows will make the cabin much more comfortable. Multi-Collision Braking has been adopted as standard equipment. This allows the brakes to be automatically applied to prevent a second collision after the initial impact. Other changes include shiny black accents visible on the exterior, such as the contour of the front grille. The 2023 Mohave, which is equipped with a diesel engine, now has a new device that reduces emissions.

2223 Kia Borrego Specs
2223 Kia Borrego Specs

2023 Kia Borrego Price

Pricing is a bit tricky. The entry-level model will cost you approximately $41,100 with current exchange rates. It will rise to almost $49,000 for the Mohave Gravity.